Don't buy a Rick Mayer Cycle Seat

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There are lots of place to spend your money on a custom motorcycle seat.

For over 10 years, Rick Mayer Cycle has a documented history of providing horrible customer service. From extremely poor communications, weeks to months of delays, long lists of excuses, promised deadlines that come and go, to a ever changing and rarely adhered to warranty policy.

Save yourself months of frustration and money and choose another custom builder.

Beware of

Rick Mayer Cycle.

A not so unique story about Rick Mayer Cycle Custom Seats.

Beware of Rick Mayer Cycle or How to lose your money and your motorcycle seat.

My story is no different than lots of other people's stories.

I have ordered custom or aftermarket motorcycle seats form lots of vendors over the last 20 years, Corbin, Sargent, Russell, even Rick Mayer. All seats have worked well and were always what I expected and were always delivered on time.

That does not apply to Rick Mayer Cycle. I have actually ordered 2 sets of seats from Rick Mayer Cycle (what can I say, I did not learn the first time). Both times I had issues with communications, build time, shipping and delivery schedules.

Here is a link to my story, as it continues to unfold, and links to other peoples experiences with Rick Mayer Cycle.

Save yourself the time, aggravation of dealing with Rick Mayer Cycle and use the Other Seat Vendors button at the top to find a more reputable vendor.