Don't buy a Rick Mayer Cycle Seat

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My Experience with Rick Mayer Cycle

My story is no different then a lot of other people's stories (see links on the right). I have ordered custom or aftermarket motorcycle seats form lots of vendors over the last 20 years, Corbin, Sargent, Russell, even Rick Mayer. All seats have worked well and were always what I expected and were always delivered on time.
This does not apply to Rick Mayer Cycle. I have actually ordered 2 sets of seats from Rick Mayer (what can I say, I did not learn the first time). Both times I had issues with communications, build time, shipping and delivery schedules.

From my point of view, the comfort or use of the seat is irrelevant, if the seat takes 4 months or longer to actually receive. It could be the greatest seat ever made, but if it ruined your riding season or planned trip, then the benefit is lost.

My first experience was ordering 2 seats from Rick Mayer Cycle in February 2010. We paid our money and got a build date of 2 moths later (April). The build date came and went and we had received no communication from Rick Mayer Cycle. Of course our credit card had already been charged (when they took credit cards). We called Rick Mayer Cycle and actually got to speak to someone after placing three calls over the period of a week. The acknowledge that the seats had been misplaced and to remedy the delay they would start on our seats ASAP. 4 weeks later we had our seats.

My next experience started in May 2014, when again we ordered two custom seats from Rick Mayer Cycle. We filled out the paper work and sent in our check (because they no longer take credit cards). Within a few days, we actually got a call from Rick and Rick Mayer Cycle. We discussed our seats and the build time. He waived the stock shipping pan deposit (with the understanding we would send in our Stock seats upon receipt of the new custom sets). We received a e-mail stating:  “This email is to let you know that your seat has been scheduled to begin production on June 11, 2014.   If you have not done so already, please ship your seat to arrive one or two business days prior.  Also allow an additional seven to ten working days (about 2 weeks) in our shop for your expertly crafted saddle to ship.  Please remove all trim and hardware, such as loose rubber bumpers, seat brackets, latches, or adjusting mechanisms as we cannot be held responsible for any non-seat items.  Also, be sure to mark the bottom of your seat with your full name.   When your saddle(s) is picked up by the carrier, a tracking number will be automatically emailed to you.”

This is where the story turns into all of the other stories found online about Rick Mayer Cycle. June 25 came and went (two weeks after the build date). E-mails and calls to Rick MayerCycle went without reply.

Then on July 16, 2014 we received an e-mail with tracking information. The tracking information was from for a USPS parcel. However, the box never left the office or was never shipped, since the tracking information was never updated and the package never arrived. After a week of waiting, I began sending daily e-mails asking for the updated shipping information and when I might receive my seats. On Aug 6, 2014, when we received an e-mail stating the seats would be shipped August 8, 2014. On August 20, 2014 I still had not received the seats, and had continued to send daily e-mails inquiring about the seats, but I did get a reply from Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle:
“Your saddles are at the post office-unfortunately the box was labeled short postage (underweight)  and I just learned of this-I will head down there late today or first thing in the am to give the additional postage to the PO. Sorry for the inconvenience.”
On August 28, 2014, I received another e-mail from Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle:
"Your seats have been re-shipped-the mix up with the original label has been resolved, I believe-the post office has been difficult to work with-I had several large and heavy seats go out of here these past few weeks with a lighter than the actual weight on the label and I believe I set off an alarm-since then it has been a weekly routine where the PO will hold a box that is as little as 1 pound heavier than rated and not notify my for as much as 2 weeks."
It seems that the seats are finally being shipped,  7 weeks after the label was created, and 11 weeks after they we supposed to be finished.
But it’s does not end there. One of the seats we ordered was completely wrong. We sent an e-mail to Rick and Rick Mayer Cycle stating we had paid for a certain style of seat, and received the wrong style. Amazingly we heard back from Rick the next day: "… I received a letter from another gs 800 customer and it appears there was a label swap on your seat and theirs. I am picking their  seat up also and will re-ship both once they are back here." Amazingly we heard According to Rick’s e-mail. Somehow the my seat pan, that still has my name on a piece of paper, taped to the bottom of the seat pan, was mixed up with someone else’s seat for the same exact bike. And now Rick wants to send me a UPS label, box up the wrong seat and send it back to him, so he can then get the my seat he sent to someone else and then send the right seat (mine) back to me.

I replied to rick that I would do no such thing, “…As you know, this seat took over 4 months to receive. I am unable and unwilling to wait for another seat. If you want to send me the correct seat, I will ship back the one I received upon receipt of the correct seat.”

Once again, Rick’s reply was the same day, and stated my request was unreasonable. Rick’s thoughts were I should send him back the seat he set to me (that was not what I paid for) AND the stock seat I owe him as a replacement for one of the seats he used one of his stock pans.

The root of the problem here is on my side. I have no faith in Rick Mayer Cycle. I do not believe that if I send in the seat he made for my bike, back to him, that I will ever see the seat he says he shipped to someone else.I did make the suggestion that he send me a UPS label with the address of the correct owner of the seat I have in my possession, and I can drop it off at the UPS store so the correct owner of the seat receives it. And suggested he do the same with the holder I my seat.

Of course I have yet to hear back and don’t expect he will do such a thing. My thoughts are that he is just trying to get the seat I have back to redo or to sell to someone else. I am not willing to go without a seat, albeit, the wrong seat, while waiting again for Rick Mayer Cycle to make the custom seat I paid for 4 months ago

The conversation with Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle continued.  The difference this time is that Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle actually tried to initiate the conversation and would reply to e-mails rather quickly.  Of course, this is probably due to the fact that Rick from Rick Mayer Cycle says he “Needs the seat pan for another customer”. (Why do I care about another customers seat when I don’t have mine? Although I do feel for this other customer (if there actually is another sucker that ordered a seat from Rick Mayer Cycle)). The only problem is that I am now on vacation. We are on a 3-week trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. Yep, a trip on my F800GS, which had been planned for 6 months, plus this, is the trip that we wanted the Rick Mayer Cycle dual seat. Of course, as you know, we do not have that seat. Luckily I do have a Sargent seat that I used and we did not need to use the ‘Dual, 2 up” configuration, because both of our bikes worked flawlessly.
Back to Rick and Rick Mayer Cycle. 3 weeks have gone by and Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle really wants his seat back. He has sent me a few e-mails asking me to be reasonable and to work with him to resolve the problem. Rick makes some new excuses about how I received the wrong seat and he will fix it once it is returned. Of course this is a new story, since before the seat was not my seat, but someone else’s and the seat he designed for us, was shipped to someone else (lie).

He offers to send me a shipping label to return the seat. I agree that I will ship him back the seat, but only after he can tell me when I will get the seat that I paid for 5 months ago.  Rick from Rick Mayer Cycle replied the next day, “…I really appreciate the chance to make this right-I will guarantee return of your corrected saddle within one week of receiving it. “
I ship the seat and a few days later I get an e-mail from Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle stating that he received the seat. So I start the clock…
A week goes by and I e-mail Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle , 9 days after he got the seat.  My e-mail was short and direct “I have yet to hear back from you regarding the completion of my seat or have a received a tracking number of my completed seat being shipped back. Please reply with a date that my seat will be completed.” Rick from Rick Mayer Cycle, replied the same day.
“The foam portion of your seat is done-I will be sewing the cover tomorrow. Should be in Wednesday’s shipment out due to the fact that UPS does not pick up on Sat.  sorry for any inconvenience-it’s been a busy couple of weeks.”
Really Rick? Sorry for the inconvenience?  So I wait another week, 8 days later I sent Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle another e-mail.
“Yet again I have yet to hear from you regarding the completion and shipment of my seat. As per your statement on October 2, 2014…I really appreciate the chance to make this right-I will guarantee return of your corrected saddle within one week of receiving it.” As you know that deadline came and went without any notification from you. You then replied to my e-mail inquiry on October 17, 2014 “Should be in Wednesday’s shipment out due to the fact that UPS does not pick up on Sat.”
Of course, those deadlines have come and gone, yet I have no shipping information or any confirmation or notification that my seat is actually done.
I believe it is time to stop this madness. I have no expectation that you will ever finish the seat in any amount of time. During this entire process, you have set the deadlines and expectations of when the seat will be done and shipped; yet each deadline has come and gone, without fulfillment.

I am requesting a full refund for the amount that I paid for my dual seat, (per your e-mail dated May 14, 2014 "…I extended a 10% discount for ****’s seat for the BMW club discount-with shipping his seat comes to $***)".  If I take that amount and subtract the shipping ($***), the refund amount is $***.
You may refund the amount by business check, certified bank check or PayPal.
Thank you,” Of course, as of this writing, I have yet to hear back from Rick Mayer at Rick Mayer Cycle.

After 4 days of sending Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle the same e-mail (above). He finally did reply. However, I do wonder what reality Rick lives in. Since his reply was short and did not address any of the points I brought up. I wonder if it is just a copy and paste reply he sends to everyone that is complaining to him.
Anyways, her is his reply to my request for a refund:
"I expect to be shipping your corrected seat this week, sorry to have “yet again” run late-been a challenge here."

I replied back to him within a few minutes:
Rick, Please send a refund instead of the seat. I don't believe it is fine or will ever be done."

After a few days of no response from Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle, I filed a compliant with the Better Business Bureau. The replied with their automated message, stating that they would contact the owner.

On October 30, 2014, I received an e-mail from Rick Mayer:
"Your seat is finished, however in light of the fact that I too have trust issues with ever getting a stock seat back from you after you receive your finished seat I am more than happy to refund your order-and move forward.  I regret any inconvenience experienced  on your part. Please fax a copy of the order and method of payment for the dual seat and I will process the refund. My fax # is 530 529 0626 If your order was paid by credit card, please fax the credit card number and expiration date in order to refund the card. Regards Rick." 
I promptly faxed over the requested information as well as sent the completed fax via PDF file to Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle in an e-mail.

Amazingly, Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle replied with in 30 minutes, asking if the e-mail account I was using accepted PayPal. I replied that it did not and requested the total amount of the refund.

Now, to comment on his response. I am impressed with Rick's ability to reuse excuses. He no longer trusts that I will send him the stock seat in exchange for the one he has spent 5 months building for me, a seat that according to him, he has already made, shipped out to the wrong customer, had returned and then re tooled for my requirements. After all of that he will just give me my money back? Why yes, that is what I wanted, but really? Just seems odd that after all of this time and promises about finishing the seat and sending it to me, then ignoring my request for a refund. Then only after I contact the BBB does he acknowledge my refund request and then make the suggestion himself that he will refund my money because he doesn't trust me.

So after a week of sending Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle e-mails requesting my refund amount, I finally get a reply (Nov. 9, 2014)

Hi Mr. *, All payments are on hold until after the Seattle show in two weeks. Your refund will be processed at that time. I regret the delay, the funds are just not there. Rick"

My reply was this:

"You took my money, and now won't ship me a seat, AND WONT return my money until you steal it from someone else?
This is not acceptable, the refund needs to be made now, not in 2 weeks."

So now it seems Rick at Rick Mayer Cycle is going to steal from people at the Seattle Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Incredible

Let me be clear about this. Rick is Going to the Seattle Progressive International Motorcycle Show to sell his seat service to people, have them make a deposit, then use that money (supposedly) to refund the seat that I have already paid for that he reuses to send to me. Yet what will happen to those people when they send in their seats? Will they ever get their seat? Or will Rick continue his lies and delays and never produce a seat and just keep the money?

The United States Postal Service Mail Fraud site is up and running gain. It had been down for a few days. I went to their site, located here: To fill out a complaint. Since Rick and Rick Mayer Cycle, advertises in Magazines and has people mail checks to him via USPS and has shipped seats via USPS, I think it may qualify as mail fraud. It may not, since I am not a legal expert at mail fraud, but I think it might be, so I filled a complaint. Not sure if it will go anywhere, because in my research of mail fraud, it seems they do not do individual cases, but gather complaints to look for large scams or schemes that have affected numerous people.

Nov. 13, 2014.

Apparently the BBB got a hold of Rick Mayer at Rick Mayer Cycle. He told them that my refund had been approved via their company policy and that my refund would be remitted in 30 days, per company policy. I contacted the BBB and told them that was unacceptable.  Rick decided to not send me a seat and decided to keep my money. The process of waiting another 30 days for my money is just another delay tactic.

The BBB representative told me they were going to case the case, since Rick Mayer Cycle already had an F rating, and there would be no further contact with Rick Mayer Cycle.

I did hear from Rick Mayer at Rick Mayer Cycle, again, on Nov. 13, he sent me this e-mail:

" Your refund for the dual saddle, $***,  was approved by me on 11/5  will be refunded by the end of the month. Our stated policy is to refund cancelled and returned orders within 30 days. I have sent a fax to the local BBB indicating that I have contacted you, Regards".

Of course I responded to his e-mail with in a few minutes, demanding my refund immediately to stop delaying the repayment of my money.

Of course, this was ignored.

On Dec. 9, 2014, Rick Mayer from Rick Mayer Cycle sent me an e-mail stating:

" I can appreciate the frustration you are experiencing and I promise I will refund the amount I referenced in my earlier e mail asap.  The delay is strictly due to a severe drop in business. I am aware that a number of customers in recent months have posted some very 

damaging reports of their experiences online with me and  I am certain this has driven business away. I have no evidence to suggest that you have been a part of this wave, however as business is lost, the longer it will take me to settle my debts.  Repeated e mails and calls will not expedite your refund, nor will I take it personally and add time to your refund. I have many thousands of satisfied customers and I will have thousands more in the future and I will always regret losing anyone's trust or respect. Thank you for any and all understanding. Regards."

Dec. 12, 2014.
I received a nice letter from Office of Kamala D. Harris of the California Attorney Generals Office. It was a acknowledgement letter for the fraud complaint I filed with them. They have a simple website form that you can fill out to file a complaint against a business. The site is here:

Jan 2, 2015.

Multiple request to Rick Mayer at Rick Mayer Cycle have gone unanswered.

Rick Mayer at Rick Mayer Cycle has posted a New Years greeting on his Facebook page and re-posted it to the BMW MOA Facebook page, trying to drum up new business. Is it possible that he will steal money from other people with the promise of making a seat for them, and if he steals enough money  he will refund my purchase?

To be continued…